May 2024 Archive Garage Feature Build - 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD

This month's Archive Garage Feature Build is a 22’ Tacoma TRD Off-road. Pablo uses this truck as his daily driver and off-road truck. He's been a part of the off-road community for 2 years. Pablo says "it has been phenomenal with my AG kit that I have installed for about a year now."

Pablo is running our Hammer Hangers®, Shock Relocation Kit, and U-bolt Flip Kit. He paired our products with Accutune Kings 2.5s, Kartek limit straps, and crown performance extend brake lines. This truck has been to a handful of places all over the Eastern sierras and has recently done a trip to Sedona, Arizona. Pablo tells us "This truck definitely takes a beating and has not disappointed me yet with my setup. I would definitely recommend this kit if any Toyota owners would like to have more travel with their build."

Originally, Pablo's vision for the truck was to be a fully built overland truck. After researching and meeting a lot of great people in the off road community, he learned a little more about the pre-runner scene. "Currently for where my truck sits, my goal is to have it be a both desert/ overlanding truck also know as a Prelander."

Thanks so much to Pablo for sharing his build with us! You can see more on our socials, and follow Pablo on Instagram @pinoy.taco.
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