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STEALTH HD TOYOTA U-BOLT FLIP KIT - 2G 3G 2005-2023 TACOMA 2005-2023 & 1G 2000-2006 TUNDRA

STEALTH HD TOYOTA U-BOLT FLIP KIT - 2G 3G 2005-2023 TACOMA 2005-2023 & 1G 2000-2006 TUNDRA

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Archive's Stealth HD U-bolt flip kit fits stock 60mm (2.375") to 2.5" wide springs max, bolts are kept tight to pack to prevent your leaves from rotating out of alignment.  

This kit allows you to remove bumpstops without removing the U-bolts & U-bolt plates and having to repeat torque sequence.

If you buy this kit, email us for a discount when you need replacement U-bolts

Option 3 & 4 Archive Speed bumps are 100% designed by us for:

1) soft engagement

2) max bump travel

3) slowing weight down over more distance for progressive feel

4) no center hole in bump to fill up with water

5) two tough 3/8" bolts to hold bumpstops down

6) High strength Steel (30% stronger than competition)

Note: Spring center bolt threads must be trimmed to a max height of 1/2" above the spring

Kit includes:
(2) HD powder coated U-bolt plates w/ kick out for air bumps, made from high strength HSLA 50ksi steel (30% stronger than mild/A36)

(4) HD 9/16" round U-bolts (3 1/4" x 8 1/2"), Clamps leaf packs up to 3.5" thick (Trim to fit)

Product Fitment Notes

-Option 1: U-bolt plates and U-bolts only, no bumpstops, no kickout, NOT FOR AIR BUMPS
-Option 2: LowPro Pedestal (only 5/8" tall) for thread in bumpstop, with 3/8-16 female thread, without bumpstops (customer-supplied Super Bumps or Timbrens)
-Option 3: Archive Speed bumps- Standard Density w/ hold-down ring (Tacomas w/ up to 1,500lbs added to axle)
-Option 4: Archive Speed bumps- High Density w/ hold-down ring (Heavy Tacomas over 1,500 lbs added to axle)
-Option 5: U-bolt plates + bolt-on air bump plates w/ kick out (**compatibility not guaranteed w/ all kits**)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Riley Heywood
Perfect Fit!

Perfect fit. Nice companion to all the other goodies! Gives you even more clearance and a piece of mind!

Zachary True
Awesome setup!

Been running Option 3 on my 2nd gen Tacoma for about a year now. Truly an awesome product, you can feel and see the quality as soon as you open the package. They definitely live up to the hype. For heavy trucks they are light years better than the factory bumps.

The packaging / shipping is also second to none. My local post office can destroy just about anything.. These were packaged well enough to survive the trip!

Michael Cummings
Great Product!

This kit has stood the test of time for me! I’ve been running option 4 for almost 2 years now, and it’s still working like new. Super high quality stuff, quick shipping turn around, and effortless customer support make Archive Garage the only option to consider!


These were awesome on my 2nd gen tacoma fit was great and quality finish. Got option 4 with the superbumps great ride to match. First product I‚Äöhave bought definitely not the last!

Breakfast T.

Installed on a 3rg gen Tacoma with Archive's Traveler Leaf. Great ride in the rear, really soaks up the bumps. No more jarring hits on the factory hockey puck bump stops.