Step 1: Load The Truck

To get the most accurate measurement of weight we recommend loading your vehicle with all your gear that you typically take on adventures. This includes: full tank of gas, water, tools, food, clothes, camping gear, traction boards, recovery equipment etc. Don't forget any friends, family or furry friends you adventure with.

Step 2: Weigh It

At Archive Garage we want you get the most accurate leaf spring capacity. Time to visit the local vehicle scale that weighs front and rear axle weights. Cat scales are an easy to locate option, affordable and quick.

Find Me A Scale

Step 3: Math Time

With your freshly weighed truck you will be able to find your perfect capacity leaf pack.

Loaded Rear Axle Weight: 2420 lbs


Stock Rear Axle Weight: 1620 lbs

Equals = 800 lbs over stock

Step 4: Order Archive Garage Leaf Springs

AG leaf packs are designed, and tested Archive Garage and its community of passionate off roaders. Made in USA with 5160 US steel, tip insert pads, full military wrap and high quality poly bushings. Choose your proper leaf pack capacity and happy adventures!

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