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Hammer Hangers® - 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma HD Shackle Hangers

Hammer Hangers® - 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma HD Shackle Hangers

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2005-2023 Tacoma Upgrade Shackles/Bushings (Shackle Options)
Cross Tube Options for Tacoma Hammer Hangers (Select Option)

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The original Hammer Hangers® for 2005-2023 Tacoma make your ride quality noticeably better, improve handling by reducing rear sway and support increased travel capacity (12" to 14" travel).  Vastly increase durability over stock flimsy hangers, which cause the annoying Tacoma rear jitters.  Only Hammer Hangers® are properly designed to align with your leaf springs.  Select fresh bushings or better yet upgrade your shackle for even more seamless suspension action.  Adding the cross tube option delivers max ride quality and durability (spare tire must be relocated).

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Shackles Options: 

-AG quality poly bushings/sleeves for the stock shackle can support 10"-14" travel (must remove the stock metal/rubber bushings).

-AG 3.6" shackles for spring over axle, 1/4" wall DOM tube, fully assembled w/ poly bushings & grease fitting (Most Popular Paired W/ Hammer Hanger).

-AG 4.0" shackles for spring under axle, 1/4" wall DOM tube, fully assembled w/ poly bushings & grease fitting (4.0" shackles required for Deaver SUA springs).

Cross Tube Options (*Requires the spare tire be relocated*):

The Hi Clearance cross tube option further improves ride by reducing flex of the stock cross member, thus delivering max ride quality as well as durability off road (spare tire must be relocated).

DIY requires you to source your own 1.75in .120 DOM Tube and weld together to mounts.

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Customer Reviews

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Pure Beef & Functionality

Totally bombproof solution to these weak factory hangers. Definitely noticed better ride quality and less frame jitters along with better articulation and strength. Can't say enough good things about the Archive products. Packaging and quality are top notch and made in the USA by people who care. Eric was extremely helpful and willing to talk with me about my particular setup. It's hard to get companies to get that personal with you. Really meant a lot to me.

Mark Jolly
Hammer Hangers

Archive Hammer Hangers with Archives add a leaf and Bilstein 5160 shock.

Rides great and performs well!


Chiming in with another review of the Archive Hammer Hangers - these are awesome. Our roads are real bad in Louisiana, and I constantly bounced around on all the cracks and potholes, and the chatter drove me nuts.
After installing Hammer Hangers, the ride quality is noticeably better. Now each hard hit isn't also accompanied near as much of the typical shudder/chatter I used to feel. These are a great improvement-- the added lift is a nice bonus too. Holding these up against the stock hangers, it's impressive how much more robust the HHs are compared to the stock hangers.
Eric with Archive Garage is very helpful and attentive to his customers. Certainly recommend these and Archive to anyone else.


The Hammer Hangers are an awesome upgrade! I had already upgraded most of my suspension (namely custom valved ADS 2.5 shocks with Deaver leaf packs), but the feedback and performance from the rear end still bugged me. Every bump in the rear was exaggerated while the suspension also just felt excessively flat and boring. These fixed pretty much every issue I had with the rear end and my review is 100% focused on just the difference the Hammer Hangers and 3.6" fabbed shackles made. They really do make the rear end come alive while also helping to calm everything down back there. The manners of the truck are excessively better. I saw one review that said the rear end felt almost sporty after installing and thought they were insane as that's one word I would have never used to describe it before. They weren't insane. The handling is noticeably tighter (much more controlled) and it almost feels like it has an IRS now. The truck is so much nicer to be in without the rear end shimmy-fest. With the Hammer Hangers in, the way the back responds to bumps almost exactly matches the feel the front both in compression and rebound. They both just take their hit and recover instantly instead of the rear end amplifying the hit and taking its sweet time trying to sort itself out after. There is a washboard section of concrete I have to drive every morning on the way to work and while my lowered Scion tC on low profile tires always soaked those bumps up, the truck has always reacted like I was bajaing it down a mountain on an old mining trail at competition speeds like a bucking bronco. I can finally say that is no longer the case. The rear end is so much better behaved going thru that section now that it's almost like it wasn't there. The rear end travel is silky smooth now without the hangers flexing. These are a really nice composure and handling upgrade. Thanks Eric for making these badass hangers and shackles.


These Hammer Hangers dramatically changed the drivability of my truck, worth every Penny even if drilling the rivets sucks I was able to do it with with my Makita cordless drill, no problem. Buy the drill bits, as well as a nail set/center punch, and maybe even a NICE third smaller drill bit to pilot and cut a lot of drill time out of the equation. Must have for every Tacoma owner!