Archive Garage Hammer Hangers® - What do Hammer Hangers do?

Archive Garage Hammer Hangers® - What do Hammer Hangers do?

Enhance Your Tacoma's Performance with Archive Garage Hammer Hangers®

When it comes to upgrading your Toyota Tacoma's suspension, the Archive Garage Hammer Hangers® stand out as a premier choice for enthusiasts seeking improved ride quality, enhanced durability, and better handling. Designed to address common issues like rear sway and the notorious Tacoma "rear jitters", these hangers offer a robust solution suitable for a wide range of applications, from daily drivers to fully built off-road rigs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Improved Ride Quality and Handling: The Archive Garage Hammer Hangers® noticeably enhance ride quality by reducing rear sway and improving overall stability. This improvement is crucial for both on-road comfort and off-road performance.
  • Increased Durability: Constructed from laser-cut and CNC-bent 1/4" HSLA steel plate, these hangers are 30% stronger than traditional mild steel. They are fully MIG welded and feature a two-stage powder coat finish for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Versatility in Suspension Setup: Compatible with both Spring Over Axle (SOA) and Spring Under Axle (SUA) configurations (with 4.5” shackles required for SUA), the Archive Garage Hammer Hangers® are designed to align perfectly parallel to leaf springs, ensuring optimal performance in various setups.
  • Easy Installation: Each kit includes detailed instructions and all necessary hardware, including Class 10.9 shackle bolts, ensuring a straightforward installation process. The hangers are designed to fit into the factory rivet bolt pattern, although drilling out factory rivets is required.
  • Tailored Options: The hangers accommodate different shackle options, including stock shackles with OEM rubber bushings, or upgraded options like fabricated shackles with poly bushings and grease fittings. These options cater to different travel ranges (10"-14") and suspension configurations.

  • Optional Cross Tube Upgrade: For those looking to further enhance their Tacoma's performance, Archive Garage offers a High Clearance cross tube option. This upgrade improves rigidity, prevents frame splaying, and protects the frame during off-road excursions. It’s constructed from 1.75" square tube steel with 1/4" flanges and is available with all necessary hardware and a two-stage powder coat finish.


Whether you're looking to eliminate rear end instability, enhance suspension durability, or prepare your Tacoma for more aggressive off-road adventures, the Archive Garage Hammer Hangers® provide a comprehensive solution. Their robust construction, compatibility with various suspension setups, and optional upgrades like the High Clearance cross tube make them a valuable investment for Tacoma owners seeking to optimize their vehicle's performance and reliability.

For more information on the Archive Garage Hammer Hangers® and to explore the full range of options available, visit their official page. Upgrade your Tacoma today and experience the difference in performance and reliability that Archive Garage products offer.

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