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Cross Tube Options for Tacoma Hammer Hangers®

Cross Tube Options for Tacoma Hammer Hangers®

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HAMMER HANGERS® do an exceptional job of reducing frame/hanger flex, allowing your shocks and leaf springs to do what they do best.  Adding a cross tube significantly increases rigidity which further improves ride quality every mile, on or off road, as well as improving corner handling and load hauling characteristics.

A cross tube also stops frame rails from splaying out (as stock cross member flexes), thus reducing stress on your frame, and reducing whip in the frame rail, for a difference you can feel.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I installed this in addition with my already existing Hammer hangers and immediately felt the difference. While offroad the rear end felt much more put together, sturdy and rigid. The ride seemed to flow much smoother when articulating and going over obstacles. The placement of the bar is outstanding, the craftsmanship is awesome and it is built to last. This is a much needed addition to anyone with hammer hangers.


We installed this on our 2020 Tacoma TRDORD in conjunction with the Hammer Hangers, 3.6" shackles, new leaf springs and ABS sensor skids. Build quality is wonderful, powder coating is very slick and the thought process of installation is well very executed. These parts are so much stronger than stock and the cross bar adds so much torsional rigidity to the frame and will definitely prevent frame deflection during flexing maneuvers. Very happy to have the high clearance option; Eric was nice enough to allow me to switch out for the high clearance option at the last minute, before everything shipped (the high-clearance bar had just been released). Top notch parts matched with top notch customer service!


I installed this on my tacoma and the change was huge! The bed of the tacoma is not very stiff and the ride isn't the best. After installing the cross tube the truck became more rigid. Also It looks way better with the cross tube than the original spare tire which wasn't doing much there.

David O.

Something very common in the off-road community is how delicate OE Hangers are, especially in a Tacoma. the comparison between both is an absolute difference, installing wasn't too difficult and the quality is very nice! beefed up the rear suspension and looked very nice accompanied with Deaver stage 1 leafs. i felt the ride quality improve (maybe cause i did leafs at the same time and it's my brain playing tricks) but the ride feels smooth and comfortably firm. haven't taken it off-roading yet but I feel more comfortable and more confident next time i do go out knowing i eliminated a "what if" . overall for anyone on edge about pulling the trigger on this. i'd do this purchase again if i had to, eliminate the "this can probably happen" to hitting a rock and not being too worried about it bending.