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Tacoma Wheel Sensor Skids 2005-2023 Rear Axle

Tacoma Wheel Sensor Skids 2005-2023 Rear Axle

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Say goodbye to broken rear wheel sensors with Archive Garage Sensor Skids.

1 Pair of Tacoma rear wheel sensor skids in 3/16" high strength steel (2005+) for rear axle only.

Free shipping to 50 states, Guam, PR  (Canadian shipping available for extra $30 USD)

Primed and powdercoated black

Install Instructions (time 15-30mins):

1. Block front wheels, recommend that rear axle be raised just off the ground and placed on jackstands, to remove weight off nuts/studs.

2. Use narrow flat blade screwdriver to release wheel sensor connectors 

3. Use 14mm socket to remove 2 nuts per side.  

4. Place skid brackets on studs WITH WELD BEAD INBOARD TOWARDS DIFF  (weld should be visible to you when installed)

5. Reinstall factory nuts and torque nuts to factory spec 27 lbft

6. Plug sensor connectors back in

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Free Shipping to all 50 States and PR, Guam

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We installed these along with the Hammer Hangars and new shackles with high-clearance cross-tube support, Deaver U-402 stage III leaf packs and new brake lines. Will you ever strike these perfectly on a rock and break the ABS sensors? Probably not . . . but this is cheap insurance in case that does happen, and Eric is a great guy to work with and support. All of his products are top notch and we cannot wait to use his shock relocation kit in the future, as well as his U-bolt flip kit.