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Hammer Hangers® - 2000-2006 Tundra HD Shackle Hangers (base)

Hammer Hangers® - 2000-2006 Tundra HD Shackle Hangers (base)

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-WHAT THEY  DO: Noticeably improve ride quality and reduce rear sway.  Improve handling, durability and droop travel potential over flexible stock hangers.

-FOR Spring-Over-Axle SOA ONLY, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SUA!  SUA conversion is a very poor choice for 1g Tundra expo rigs. 

-Compatible with EVERY SOA spring pack on the market.  

-Supports 12"+ travel with Archive Shackleton springs/aftermarket springs, with appropriate 12" shocks, see Archive Shock Relocation   

-Fits stock to fully built rigs, and does not require any other modifications to experience ride, handling, durability benefits 

-Properly align parallel to leaf springs 

-These DO NOT add lift

-These DO NOT force the leaf spring into more negative arch like shackle flips do.

Hammer Hangers® kit includes:
(1) Right hand & (1) Left hand hanger, laser cut and CNC bent 3/8"+ 1/4" HSLA 50,000psi steel (30% stronger)plate structure, fully MIG welded.  >>>2 stage powder coat: blast, zinc base prime, semi-gloss black top coat<<< 

(4) M14 Class 10.9 (Grade 8 equiv) shackle bolts and lock nuts

(8) Grade 8 carriage bolts & lock nuts, fits factory rivet bolt pattern (drill to ½”) 

(4) Frame rail backing plates for frame support 

Written instructions provided.  If you have longer shocks, longer brake line ~24"-26"

Shackle Options:

-Reusing stock shackles (3.9") and OEM rubber bushings OK to reuse 

-Select quality poly bushings & sleeves for the stock shackle (3.9") for 12" travel (must remove the stock metal/rubber bushings)

-4.0" Archive shackles jig-built from 3/16" HSLA steel + 1/4" wall DOM tube, assembled w/ poly bushings & grease fitting.

DIY Cross Tube Option (*Requires the spare tire be relocated*):

1.  DIY your own cross tube: select (2) bolting flanges and (4) bolts.  Adding cross tube option DOES further improve ride quality (~20% of hanger improvement), by increasing frame rigidity, stopping frame from splaying out, tock cross member has some flex.

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