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Archive Explorer Series "SHACKLETON" Leaf Springs Package Tundra 2000-2006

Archive Explorer Series "SHACKLETON" Leaf Springs Package Tundra 2000-2006

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Archive Explorer Series "SHACKLETON" Leaf Springs-Tundra 2000-2006 (Select Capacity)
Stealth HD Toyota U-bolt flip kit - 2nd & 3rd gen Tacoma 2005-2021, 1st gen Tundra 2000-2006 (Options)

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-"Shackleton" leaf packs are designed by Archive for severe duty off road travel, and made to travel from Alaska to Argentina!

-Made in USA with 5160 steel, tip insert pads, full military wrap yet won't scrape hanger, diamond point ends, bolted spring clips, top quality poly bushings.

-Carefully designed to NOT have interference issues that are so common with aftermarket springs in the Toyota market

-MD Intended for 0-600 lbs added to rear axle weight

-HD Intended for 500-1250+ lbs added to rear axle weight

-Lift height (vs stock unloaded 4WD models): see Product Fitment Notes below

-Unloaded, the ride is great and flex well

-There is NOT a left or right version, If one spring has a hair more arch, use it on driver side.  Load your vehicle accordingly + adjust LF coilover so front helps rear.

-These springs are designed for more droop than stock springs.  Archive Hammer Hangers recommended for best ride and max travel.  

Quantity of 1 is a PAIR of leaf springs and includes high quality bushings and sleeves. 

U-bolts (not included) available here:  Square OE Style U-bolts or  Round U-bolt flip style

-Archive's Stealth HD U-bolt flip kit with Option 3 w/ Archive Speed Bumps or Option 4 w/ High Density Bumps are optional ($30 discount optioned with springs)

Product Fitment Notes

2000-2006 Tundra AC/DC 4x4 Archive Shackleton Packs
Pack w/ Added Rear Weight Estimated Lift Amount  Axle-Tube-to-Frame-Bot
Stock 3/1-stock weight 0 9.5
Archive MD - 0lbs 3 12.5
Archive MD - 600lbs 1.5 11
Archive HD - 0lbs 2.5 12.0
Archive HD - 500lbs 2 11.5
Archive HD - 1250lbs 1.5 11
Archive XD - 1250lbs 3 12.5
Archive XD - 1750lbs 1.5 11


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Canada Shipping Flat Rate: $250
*Certain province will incur additional fee that will be confirmed via email.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Regret not doing this earlier

Talked with Eric over a year ago but recently purchased the MD leaf springs and installed them in the driveway. This is the best I’ve had this truck running. The ride quality is unmatched. Previously, the truck had stock springs and an add-a-leaf…it was level before added weight in the back which caused a squat. Now, the archive leaf springs are paired with OME front shocks and springs and rear shocks. The rake is perfectly balanced with headlight’s shining at a perfect angle. Even with added weight the truck handles flawlessly.

Ryan W.

I had the pleasure of working with Eric of Archive Garage, who spent a considerable amount of time helping me find the perfect options for my 2004 Tundra Access Cab. Eric has first hand experience with the OG Tundra and designed the HD/MD Shackleton springs specifically around the chassis. Eric was also able to clearly articulate the benefits of buying Archive products over the competition, and more directly made a strong case for buying and installing the hammer hangers sold by AG to strengthen the rear end suspension over factory by a significant margin. The installation of both products isn't a casual DIY project, but I did manage to complete the task (hangers and HD leaf pack) in just under 8 hours. The ride quality is significantly smoother now, both with weight (1100lb truck camper) and without, which came as a pleasant surprise. I did speak with multiple competitors (Deaver, Alcan, Robinson, etc.) before making the purchase, but in the end, Eric's kindness, professionalism, and specific knowledge of the first gen Tundra far outweighed any argument to go with another company. I'm looking forward to eventually purchasing the shock relocation kit too, but for now am very pleased with everything about Archive Garage and the products I've purchased from them. If you're on the fence, just give them a call and make the purchase.


Upgraded my lift using OME suspension and unfortunately, the lift was a bit more than I expected which left my truck unlevel. Needless to say, I never even thought about the ride quality at the time. I upgraded to the HD leaf springs from Archive Garage and WOW!!! Huge difference. Leveled my truck out with about 400-500lbs in the rear and rides so smoothly. I'm actually a bit jealous that the rear of the truck handles bumps better than the front. I've done a few off-roading trips as well as daily driving my Tundra and just 100% satisfied with these springs. Exactly what I wanted! Great customer service helping me choose the right parts to finish my build. Thank you! (FYI, these are HEAVY so don't drop them on your foot as I did!)


Before I installed the Archive springs I was on the stock springs with 4 inch lift blocks and would constantly bottom out while loaded down with all my gear and bed rack / roof top tent. With these new springs I was able to get rid of the lift blocks completely and still almost retain the same ride height (rack and tent still on) It maybe dropped the ride height an inch in the back after it settled. I even haul around a dirt bike on a hitch carrier and haven’t hit the bump stops yet while going off road. Highly recommend these if you have a heavy load.

Riley @.

Ive got about 6 Months and 8k Miles on my Leaf pack now. All I can say is that I am super impressed with how the springs have done. These things are beefy and are made to carry weight. The springs keep the trucks rear end planted! Before this leaf pack I was running an Add-a-leaf... I shouldve went with the leaf pack right away instead of wasting time and money with the add-a-leaf. I gained about 2.5" or so in the rear (with no weight in the back), but with weight it stays around 2" which allows for much more ground clearance (which is crucial with our long wheelbased Tundras). I dont scrape my hitch every little incline / step drop which is an added bonus!

Overall very happy! Customer service is top notch! Thankful to Eric and his team for helping supply great parts for the First Gen Tundra!!