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Archive Explorer Series Tacoma Lift Leaf Springs Tacoma 2005-2023

Archive Explorer Series Tacoma Lift Leaf Springs Tacoma 2005-2023

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Archive Explorer Series Tacoma leaf packs are designed for severe duty off road travel. Made in USA with 5160 steel, tip insert pads, full military wrap yet won't scrape hanger, bolted spring clips, and high quality poly bushings included in price. Carefully designed to NOT have interference issues that are so common with aftermarket springs in the Tacoma market. Get your perfect spring rate by following our Archive Method Here.

Quantity of 1 is for a PAIR of leaf springs and includes high quality bushings and sleeves.  U-bolts (not included) available here:  Square OE Style U-bolts or  Round U-bolt flip style

Archive leaf springs have been kicking butt for our customers for several years now

Product Fitment Notes

2005-2023 Tacoma DC/SB
Leaf Pack Estimated Lift Amount AG Leafs Axle-Tube-to-Frame-Bottom
Stock 3/1-stock weight 0in 8.25in
Archive MD - 0lbs 3.25in 11.5in
Archive MD - 300lbs 2.5in 10.75in
Archive MD - 600lbs 2in 10.25in
Archive HD - 600lbs 3in 11.25in
Archive HD - 1250lbs 2in 10.25in
Archive XD - 1250lbs 3in 11.25in
Archive XD - 1750lbs 2.5in 10.75in
*Disclaimer: Archive Garage in no way recommends exceeding Toyota's GVWR.  The vehicle owner assumes all risk when exceeding Toyota's GVWR or GAWR. 

Recommended Shocks (Confirmed Fit & Performance)

Shock Brand Part Number
Accutune Fox Factory RR 2.5x12 Fox 980-02-102
Accutune Fox Factory RR 2.5x14 Fox 980-02-103
AccuTune Fox Factory RR DSC 2.5x12 Fox 980-06-102-SRT
AccuTune Fox Factory RR DSC 2.5x14 Fox 980-06-103-SRT
AccuTune King RR 2.5x12 King King PR2512-SS
AccuTune King RR 2.5x14 King King PR2514-SS
AccuTune King RR 2.5x12 w/ adjuster   King King PR2512-SS-A
AccuTune King RR 2.5x14 w/ adjuster King  King PR2514-SS-A
ADS Smooth Body 2.5x12 ADS 250-SBR12-W00
ADS Smooth Body 2.5x12 w/adjuster ADS 250-SBR12-WA0 
*If using HD Springs or XD 12in is best
*For additional options reach out to shock company to confirm with specs below 
Shock Specs Needed
2.5" & 3.0" Smooth Body Shock Remote Resi
Shock Travel Fittings/Spacers 
12-14in Standard rod-end shocks (1.5" wide, 1/2" bolt)
2.5" Bypass
Note: We do not guarantee that all bypasses will fit due to the numerous brands and possible custom layouts you can order.  
-Many have successfully installed 2.5" bypasses, 3.0 bypass will not fit
-Best tube layout: bypass tubes placed forward towards engine, with remote hose elbow towards the rear bumper.
-We recommend only 12" travel bypasses because shock piston at normal ride height needs to be below comp. tube ports/zones.   
Wheel Fitment Needed
Wheel Backspacing 
4.75" + 1.25in Spacer or Equivlent Out Board
Offset Visualizer App



USA Shipping Flat Rate Lower 48: $150
Canada Shipping Flat Rate: $250
*Certain province will incur additional fee that will be confirmed via email.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This HD leaf pack (with option #3 Archive speedbumps) alone has completely improved the ride quality of my 2012 DCLB over the OME Dakar's they replaced, consistently carrying about 600-700 lbs. between a GFC, armor, awnings, etc. Went from stiff and bumpy flattened out Dakar's to a smooth, buttery, planted ride quality. And this is with 10 year old OME nitrochargers that I'll be swapping out soon...I don't ever post reviews but wanted to add to the positive reviews for those in the market for a new leaf pack given the limited history/info I could find when purchasing, this is a great setup. The tech who was going to buy my old Dakar's said forget it after the install after seeing how much better it rides, and decided to go with Archive as well. Great product and service from Archive Garage!


Bought these for my 2011 Tacoma short bed to help with the weight from a camper. Measured nearly 4.5” of lift unweighted but right around 2.5” as claimed with the weight. It was immediately obvious how much stiffer the rear end was over the blown out stock leaf springs. Eric was super helpful and chatted with me on the phone about my setup. Purchased the U-bolt flip kit with the Archive bump stops also and really impressed with the quality of everything. These leaf springs are designed correctly to prevent wear on the shackles and the ubolt spacing is also perfect around the leaf springs. It includes a few single use packets of energy suspension grease but I ended up buying more so I could really apply it liberally.