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Ultimate Off Road Package 2005-2023 Tacoma - 12"-14" Travel

Ultimate Off Road Package 2005-2023 Tacoma - 12"-14" Travel

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Cross Tube Options for Tacoma Hammer Hangers® (Select Option)
Archive Explorer Series Tacoma Lift Leaf Springs Tacoma 2005-2023 (Select Capacity)
STEALTH HD TOYOTA U-BOLT FLIP KIT - 2G 3G 2005-2023 TACOMA 2005-2023 & 1G 2000-2006 TUNDRA (Options)

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A package of proven components all designed to work together, from 1 trusted source, Archive Garage.  Whether you're off road trail running or taking on your next overland expedition we have the right leaf spring for your rig and usage. Be sure to visit our Resource Center for info to get your correct spring rate. All components are designed and manufactured in USA. 

The full kit includes the following:
- Choice of Cross Tube For Hammer Hanger
- STEALTH HD TOYOTA U-BOLT FLIP KIT: Option 3, Option 4, Option 5 (air bump)

To unlock ultimate performance we recommend this complete Archive Garage kit. Complete kits receive a discount and ship Free to lower 48!



Product Fitment Notes

Quick Notes: REMOTE RESERVOIR ONLY, piggy back resis don't work. Order STRAIGHT hose fitting off shock body - 2.5x12" shocks are the best for HD springs, give the best ground clearance, HD springs max out @ 12" shock travel. Don't mix LT and MT, true LT SUA conversions that move the springs outboard may will interfere with these axle tabs. For all  and u-bolt saddle. Proper install involves setting up off of MAX bump height Details: Puts top shock as high as possible! (3.8"+ higher than other kits) This allows FULL bump travel, which is critical on the Tacoma. Wheel Spacer required minimum 4.75 BS Wheel + 1.25" spacer or equivalent wheel offset.

2005-2023 Tacoma DC/SB
Leaf Pack Estimated Lift Amount AG Leafs Axle-Tube-to-Frame-Bottom
Stock 3/1-stock weight 0in 8.25in
Archive MD - 0lbs 3.25in 11.5in
Archive MD - 300lbs 2.5in 10.75in
Archive MD - 600lbs 2in 10.25in
Archive HD - 600lbs 3in 11.25in
Archive HD - 1250lbs 2in 10.25in
Archive XD - 1250lbs 3in 11.25in
Archive XD - 1750lbs 2.5in 10.75in
*Disclaimer: Archive Garage in no way recommends exceeding Toyota's GVWR.  The vehicle owner assumes all risk when exceeding Toyota's GVWR or GAWR. 

Recommended Shocks (Confirmed Fit & Performance)

Shock Brand Part Number
Accutune Fox Factory RR 2.5x12 Fox 980-02-102
Accutune Fox Factory RR 2.5x14 Fox 980-02-103
AccuTune Fox Factory RR DSC 2.5x12 Fox 980-06-102-SRT
AccuTune Fox Factory RR DSC 2.5x14 Fox 980-06-103-SRT
AccuTune King RR 2.5x12 King King PR2512-SS
AccuTune King RR 2.5x14 King King PR2514-SS
AccuTune King RR 2.5x12 w/ adjuster   King King PR2512-SS-A
AccuTune King RR 2.5x14 w/ adjuster King  King PR2514-SS-A
ADS Smooth Body 2.5x12 ADS 250-SBR12-W00
ADS Smooth Body 2.5x12 w/adjuster ADS 250-SBR12-WA0 
*If using HD Springs or XD 12in is best
*For additional options reach out to shock company to confirm with specs below 
Shock Specs Needed
2.5" & 3.0" Smooth Body Shock Remote Resi
Shock Travel Fittings/Spacers 
12-14in Standard rod-end shocks (1.5" wide, 1/2" bolt)
2.5" Bypass
Note: We do not guarantee that all bypasses will fit due to the numerous brands and possible custom layouts you can order.  
-Many have successfully installed 2.5" bypasses, 3.0 bypass will not fit
-Best tube layout: bypass tubes placed forward towards engine, with remote hose elbow towards the rear bumper.
-We recommend only 12" travel bypasses because shock piston at normal ride height needs to be below comp. tube ports/zones.   
Wheel Fitment Needed
Wheel Backspacing 
4.75" + 1.25in Spacer or Equivlent Out Board
Offset Visualizer App



Free Shipping to 48 States ONLY.
AK & HI are $300 extra
Canada please contact for shipping cost

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Was going to write an individual review for all the separate components but Eric has it consolidated here.

Did all of this November of so almost 6 months of experience post upgrade.

I did fox 2.5x12"; piggyback DSCs, cant remember the PN but call Accutune and they will get you squared away.

Have taken this to the Glamis Dunes and local trail crawling, long story short this setup does fantastic. Ride is great even with the MD (not HD) springs, I still haven't tested their capacity so this review is with unloaded ride.

Only con I have is that it did lift the rear noticeably but as Eric advises, this is the only way to get the much needed uptravel for our trucks. If you want to look cool and be level look somewhere else. If you are okay with a 2-3" lift vs. the front then this is the kit for you. Ride is amazing on and off road I continue to be impressed.

Would definitely recommend and do again. Any questions ask Eric to give you my number happy to chat. -Bryan