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2005-2023 Tacoma Traveler Add-A-Leaf AAL (stock springs)

2005-2023 Tacoma Traveler Add-A-Leaf AAL (stock springs)

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Adding armor, hauling or towing? Archive's Traveler Leaf is specifically designed to enhance stock 2005-2023 Tacoma leaf spring packs. 

The Traveler leaf: 

  • Improves load handling, combats squat
  • Increases spring rate and retains overload leaf 
  • Fits 3+1 without any modification unlike competition!
  • Creates attractive 4+1 pack from stock leaf packs
  • Fits using stock Tacoma 6.5" U-bolts (check condition)
  • Added spring rate and lift keeps you off the rear bump stops.  
  • We highly recommend our Hammer Hangers for best ride and handling!


  • Made in USA with American 5160 steel! (NOT India or China)
  • Approximate 1" lift  (~9.25" top of axle tube to frame bot.) w/ 500 lbs added to DCSB axle weight** 
  • Approximate 2" lift  (~10.25" top of axle tube to frame bot.) w/ no weight on DC 4-door
  • Intended load: 200 to 750 lbs added to rear axle weight** on DC 4-door 
  • Diamond cut ends, tip inserts, and black painted finish
  • Leaf material width: 60mm (2.375") to match stock leaves
  • Leaf spring travel: same as stock (uses ~10" shock travel)
  • Ride with no weight (w/ Hammer Hangers + Fox 2.5"): firmer spring rate is noticed, however still smooth.
  • Ride with 500lbs added (w/ Hammer Hangers + Fox 2.5"): nice ride and confident handling

    Product Fitment Notes

    Confirm this is your right capacity spring by visiting AG Resource Center.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mike L

    The Traveler AAL and AG u-bolt flip kit (option 3 for me) matches up great with Bilstein 6112/5160 to give about a 1.5-2” lift all around. Very pleased with the ride quality on-road and looking forward to future full leaf pack and Hammer Hanger upgrades. Haven’t had a chance yet to test load capacity but I’m sure it’ll handle a small trailer or some weight in the bed better than stock.

    Mark Jolly
    Add a leaf

    Performs as expected but my expectation's were too high when it comes to the weight capacity.

    When the truck is fully loaded there is noticeable squat and when the rear suspension cycles there is a clunking that occurs as the leaf pack expands and contracts over bumps or when braking. This does not happen when the weight is out of the bed.

    The Add a leaf installed fine but once installed the passenger side was noticeably lower. Removed both leafs and one had more arch than the other ended up swapping sides and the truck was more level.

    Overall if you plan to run little to no weight in the bed of the truck this is a great option but I regret not going with a full new leaf spring pack and will probably be upgrading