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2005-2023 Tacoma Shock Relocation - Trail Series - 2.0" x 12" to 14"

2005-2023 Tacoma Shock Relocation - Trail Series - 2.0" x 12" to 14"

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Great option for the 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma owners who need articulation for their trail or rock focused rig but don't need 2.5" shocks. Trail Series 2.0" relocation kit delivers renowned Archive quality, functionality, and fitment!

Product Fitment Notes

Fitment Info: -DOES NOT fit 2.5" shocks -Standard 1.5" tab inside width w/ 1/2" bolt top and bottom. -Ideal collapsed length between 18"-21" (axle tabs rotate to adjust) -Remote reservoir & straight hose only, piggyback will not fit. -Resis cannot mount to shock body, but Fox resi can be mounted to tower leg as pictured -Kit comes welded as pictured, ready to install. 1/4" Hi strength steel, CNC formed -Wheel spacers may not be needed with negative offset wheels, depending on tire size and brand (ex: 16x8 et0 4.5" BS w/285s or 17x9 et-38 3.5" BS w/315s) Shocks That Fit: -Recommended: Fox Performance series 2.0x12 (18.35" collapsed) remote reservoir: -Fox Performance series 2.0x14 (20.8" collapsed, hurts ground clearance a bit, rotate axle tabs down to adj) -King 2.0x12 (19.6" collapsed) -Radflo 2.0"x12" 5SR-003-00 (With 5/8" rod) -Radflo 2.0"x12" 5SR-007-00 (With 7/8" rod) -ADS 2.125x12"


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Customer Reviews

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After recently installing my Hammer Hangers from Archive and being absolutely thrilled with how those changed my Tacoma, I decided to pull the trigger on these shock relocation brackets to compliment them. I called this morning, got my order placed while on the phone, and they're already on their way. I can't wait to get a set of shocks so I can ditch my current set up and finally have my truck dialed for my needs. Thank you guys for what will be a dramatic upgrade to my Tacoma

Drake R.

These shock relocations teamed with the hammer hangers completely change the rear end of the truck, the amount of droop is pretty incredible for not having to cut into the bed.


I'm a hobbyist fabricator and am well versed in everything Tacoma-related and have done numerous installations of shock relocations from various manufacturers. When I say that these relocates are a work of art, it's not an exaggeration! They are extremely stout, welded together beautifully and everything fits the tight tolerances really well. These are perfect for someone looking to get extra articulation out of their truck without breaking the bank.