2000 - 2006 Toyota Tundra 1st Gen 12" Shock Relocation Kit

2000 - 2006 Toyota Tundra 1st Gen 12" Shock Relocation Kit

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Over 100 Installed on Tundra Access cabs and Double cabs allowing more up travel and down travel. 

This kit allows you to fit longer shocks under the bed to gain droop travel without losing bump travel for Spring Over Axle (SOA is stock) ONLY, not compatible with Long Travel SUA conversion. Makes unbolting shock much easier with thru-bolt rod ends. Extended SS braided brake line included to accommodate for extra droop. 

Brief overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1KuSPrypQA 

Product Fitment Notes

Shock info:
-MAX recommended collapsed length is around 19"
-Please note, DC has a 1" higher frame bumpstop bracket which allows 1" more bump travel than AC, AC hangs down ~1"
-12" travel is to be strived for, aftermarket springs hit 12" shock travel measured non-articulated
-Order shocks with standard 1.5" wide bearings/bushings with 1/2" bolt.
-A good option for all around use is Fox Performance series 2.0 x 12.1", only 18.35" collapsed: (Remote resi cannot mount to shock)
-Fox Performance series 2.5 x 11.48" piggyback is a great premium option, (only 18.35" collapsed), call AccuTune Offroad (619) 722-8555 , AccuTune P/N: FOX-883-26-096-ARG-1GT .
-Standard universal 2.5 x 10" King and Fox are around 18.5" compressed. 2.5" x 12" King remote reservoir with "OD top cap" option may fit, Fox may require longer axle tab.
-Remote reservoir can be mounted outside frame rail for comp adjuster access.

Install requires:
-Raising bed up about 12", or removing completely to install cross tube
-Cutting large hole in factory driver side upper shock mounting bucket, see pics
-Trimming stock X-member upper flange on passenger side a little for shock clearance.
-Cutting off stock axle tabs, to weld on new supplied tabs (1.5" wide opening)
-Stock exhaust should fit around passenger shock, but may require tailpipe mods for certain aftermarket exhaust systems or certain shock styles
-A longer brake hose will be required with 12" shocks and aftermarket springs such as Archive's Shackleton springs (Archive offers a 26" hose).
-Probably will not work with factory rear sway bar option


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I absolutely love this kit. I have way more up travel than before and the truck rides great. Super impressed with the quality of everything Ive received from Archive.


I just put this kit on my 2002 tundra and I am extremely satisfied with the overall quality and fitment of the kit. You can tell they provide everything they possibly can to make the install as easy as possible. The super heavy duty bolts, and the pre-Welded lower mounts were very nice. I Put on the 2nd gen raptor shocks with mine And they fit perfectly with only a bit more grinding in key areas compared to what was shown in Eric's video. The shocks made a huge improvement in ride quality, not to mention that I got them for $250 which is awesome. I was surprised how good they feel with the stock valving in them, and with my 2" of lift, I still have about 2-3 inches of uptravel before It hits the bump zone from the IBP. Overall very very happy with this kit, Thanks to Eric and Archive garage to making this available and at such an affordable price.


I've had this on my truck for a little over 6 months now and had it on multiple trips and it still looks as good as the day I installed it. Eric is awesome at answering questions and gets back to you really quick. I was suprised to see how well it lined up with everything and installed smoothly. Being able to run the larger aftermarket shocks made a huge difference especially with the larger cooling ability of larger shocks


Got a great deal on a first gen Tundra, and wanted to set up the suspension to handle rough dirt roads we encounter on our trips to Baja. After digging around online and not finding many options compared to later gen Tundras and Tacomas, I stumbled on this Archive Garage kit. Eric was great with answering some questions before purchasing, and our install was fairly easy. Also got a set of Deaver springs to go with it, and Fox 2.5's. Just got back after spending 3 weeks in Baja, and over 300 miles in the dirt, and can say the upgrades made a huge difference in smoothing out the roads and giving us the ability to save a lot of time getting to the areas we like going down there. Would recommend to anyone looking to get a bit more travel and make your 1st gen Tundra more capable.


What an awesome upgrade our trucks deserve. Being able to fit longer shocks without losing any up travel! (Also unlocks many more possible Shock options) The kit fit perfectly. It even has some adjustability to it if needed. I am running this kit with some Fox 3.0s with piggyback Resi. Had to trim the driver side stock top shock mount a little more than what’s shown but made it fit like a glove! Can’t wait to put these shocks to the test. It’ll be nice to have over 4” MORE of down travel plus 3.0s compared to 2.0s. Thanks again Eric. Great work.