2005-2018 Tacoma Hammer Shackle Hangers Mid Travel SOA+SUA TRD Pro

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May 23rd 2018  Sold out!  Current hanger lead time is about 4-5 weeks. (modest price increase due to steel prices)

$20 Priority 2-3 day shipping in States, HI, AK, Guam (1 week).  Canadian customers please contact before buying to discuss shipping.

Your purchase supports a growing design and fab. company which helps us bring you new quality U.S. made products. 

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-Noticeably improved ride quality, increased travel capacity and designed to glide over rocks and take abuse.  These should be the first mod on a brand new Tacoma, because flimsy stock hangers are the cause of that signature Tacoma chatter, address the root cause!  You could spend thousands on rear shocks and springs and still have that annoying chatter, start here first!  You won't be sorry

- Perfectly compatible with Spring Over Axle (SOA) trucks from completely stock to fully built, improved geometry to help shackles drop out (with aftermarket springs).  No other mods are required to run these hangers

- Perfectly compatible with Spring Under Axle (SUA) conversions (see here: HD Deaver U539/540) but requires the 4.9” shackle option (for extra droop and so you don't have to stretch the spring back). 

-Height with stock 3.4" shackles will be ½” lift max.  Height with 4.9" shackles would be about equal to stock hanger/shackle.

Hanger kit includes:
(1) Right hand & (1) Left hand hanger, laser cut and CNC bent 1/4" A572 50,000psi plate structure,
fully MIG welded.  (Powder coated with zinc base prime with semi-gloss black top coat)  

(4) M14 Class 10.9 (Grade 8 equiv) flanged shackle bolts and flanged lock nuts

(8) 1/2”-20 Grade 8 flanged frame bolts and flanged lock nuts   
Designed with factory rivet bolt pattern, but requires drilling out factory rivets thru to ½” (See DBK-001) only $20  

Written instructions provided.  Longer brake lines (20” stock) are required if you have longer shocks.

Shackle Options:

-Stock (3.4") shackles are a good starting point for SOA and should accommodate 10-12" travel.  (1G Tundra 3.9" shackles also fit)

-Select high quality poly bushings/sleeves for the stock shackle for 11"-14" travel (must remove the stock metal/rubber bushings)

-3.6" shackles fabbed from 3/16" A572 50,000psi steel, 1/4" wall DOM tube, quality poly bushings & grease fitting (No badge).

-4.9" shackles fabbed from 3/16" A572 50,000psi steel, 1/4" wall DOM tube, quality poly bushings & grease fitting (SS A-badge).

(4.9" shackles will work with any spring, but may not drop out with longer SOA packs.  4.9" shackles required for SUA)

Cross Tube Option (*Requires the spare tire be relocated*):

-The cross tube is 1.75" x .120 wall DOM.  The cross tube is not necessary for the improvement in ride quality, but it connects the 2 hangers together to protect the frame from stress such as rock hits, and adds torsional rigidity, making frame boxing overkill.

Cross tube option includes (4) 1/2”-20 Grade 8 flanged frame bolts/lock nuts and 50 state/Guam priority shipping. 

If you have any questions, please contact Eric or email archivegarage.com@gmail.com