2005-2019 Tacoma Shock Relocation Towers 2.5 x 14 in or 12 in mid travel

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-Order Remote hose with STRAIGHT fitting at top cap as pictured!  Towers may be revised soon and 45 & 90 deg will NOT work
-SUA conversions that move the springs outboard may have interference with axle tab and u-bolt saddle

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-The only kit available to fit 2.5" up to 14" travel without cutting the bed (2 holes drilled in bed shelf per side for towers).
-This "under bed" kit allows bolting to bed for more frame rigidity than other kits, which also allows a crossbar to be fit to lock out the frame rails from rotating inward.
-Laser cut from 3/16" steel and CNC brake-formed towers for toughness without warping.
-Axle mounts (included) have gusset for stability that connects to axle tube to combat force under compression. 
Shock info:
-piggy back reservoir locations will not work with these towers.
-Order Remote reservoir hose with STRAIGHT fitting  
-Mounting tabs sized for standard rod-end shocks (1.5" wide, 1/2" bolt) from King and Fox
-For shock sales and tuning, Accutuneoffroad.com is highly recommended, Phone: (424)-377-0808 
-Designed to fit 2.5" body shocks: 
Fox 980-02-102 Accutune Fox Factory RR 2.5x12 (12" OK with long end)
Fox 980-02-103 Accutune Fox Factory RR 2.5x14 (14" need 1" shorter end)
Fox 980-06-103-SRT AccuTune Fox Factory RR DSC 2.5x14
King PR2512-SS 
AccuTune King RR 2.5x12
King PR2514-SS AccuTune King RR 2.5x14

-King 2-tube and 3-tube bypass with remote resi will fit with tubes forward towards engine, and remote resi hose rearward
-Fox 3-tube bypass with remote resi will fit with tubes forward towards engine, and remote resi hose rearward (requires custom order- call Accutune Offroad, Phone: (424)-377-0808
-**trucks with no lift or SUA might need 12" travel because shock piston at normal ride height needs to be below compression tube port(s)/zone(s)** 

-Requires 1.50" wheel spacers with 4.75" backspacing for smooth body or King twin bypasses w/ 2-tubes forward.
-Ideal 3.5 or 4.0" backspacing wheel with 1.25" spacer.  Tire rubbing may be an issue otherwise
-For Tacoma owners with spring under axle (SUA), you may be able to increase uptravel and the axle shock mount would hang about same height as stock shock mounts, and should not hang lower than the SUA spring packs.
-For most Tacoma owners with thick lift springs over the axle like stock, u-bolt flip and tall bumps, you may be able to have the lower axle shock mount about flush with the lower quadrant of the axle (better clearance than stock).
-2.0 x 14" shocks are also a good option for general off road use, because you get the added travel but the length of 2.0 is shorter than 2.5 for same travel.  
Note:2.0 with 7/8" shaft is not an ideal performance shock (small piston area, 5/8" is better on 2.0s.  Order 1.5" wide ends  

Contact archivegarage.com@gmail.com for more information, you should receive a response in 24 hrs or less