Lifting Spring Hanger for Front of Rear Spring Cummins W250 W350 Ramcharger

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Archive Lifting Spring Hanger kit to be used together with the rear Shackle Flip kit for additional lift.  These will install at the front of the rear springs and move the spring eye down ~3.2" [80mm] which adds about 1.5" [40mm] of lift.  These allow you to fit larger Chevy spring eyes and upgrade to military wrap style leaf springs as well.

This Hanger kit is available together with SFK-001 Shackle Flip kit for $520 + $20 shipping in states, see Shackle Flip listing to order together for discount. 

Kit includes:
- (2) Stout hangers in 1/4" structural domestic steel, mig welded, painted black 
- (2) 5/8" Grade 8 leaf spring eye pivot bolts, washers and lock nuts
- Quality poly bushings to replace your old factory rubber bushings in your leaf spring (specify 1.25", 1.5", or Chevy spring ID)
- (10) 1/2" Grade 8 frame bolts are supplied to fit in factory rivet pattern, but requires drilling rivets out to 1/2" holes See DBK-001  

-Installation will require you to drop/shift the fuel tank for installation, and you may need to slot the holes in the parking brake bracket on the driver side on D/W trucks with 6" frame.

-I estimate this will provide a total of about 4.5 to 5" of rear lift when used together with the Shackle Flip Kit and 4" shackles, but also helps spring angle if you want to run even longer shackles.

 If you have any questions, you can contact me by phone/text 716.310.5281