2000 - 2006 Toyota Tundra Shackle Flip Lift Kit 1st gen

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Several kits of brackets are done, but need shackles done so 4 week lead

Please also check out the Archive: Overland Springs

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SEANPISTOL: "Thanks to Eric for finally making something to get the most out of our first-gen Tundra rear ends!...that Archive Garage shackle flip had my locked rear end planted all day [at Moab-Hell's Revenge] and allowed me to take some harder and steeper lines"




-Designed in 3D to perfectly match the taper angle of the Tundra frame rails and properly align with springs 

-Shackle angle changes the installed rate of spring in a beneficial way to increase side to side flexibility and ride comfort

-Contributes to a more compliant ride thanks to greaseable bushings and longer 6" shackles (50% longer than stock) 

-Your rear wheels will flex better, and have better droop travel when used with longer shocks (and brake lines).  

-Bracket allows adjustment to your desired shackle angle.  Stock length springs with 3-leaf AAL, foremost position is ~45deg, middle is about 30deg, and rearmost position gives about 10deg.   Deaver springs are longer than stock, and have more shackle angle.

-Estimated lift range with 6" shackle is 1.0" [25mm] to 1.25" [40mm], which depends on selected position and spring packs. 

-Stock springs (or stock with AAL installed) are showing about 10" of travel from bumpstop to full droop.  

-Archive Garage Overland Springs by Deaver are a great combo and be able to hold 1.5" lift from springs with 500lbs.

Premium Kit includes:
(1) Right hand & (1) Left hand bracket, laser cut and CNC bent 1/4" A36 structural domestic plate, MIG welded.  Powder coated!   

(2) Archive Fabricated 6" shackles made with 3/16 A572 HSLA 50ksi steel.  Supplied with quality greasable urethane bushings, DOM bushing sleeves, replaceable zerk grease fittings and caps installed in shackles.  
(4) 9/16" [14mm] Grade 8 shackle eye and leaf spring eye bolts, washers and hardened lock nuts
(10) M12 Class 10.9 (Grade 8 equiv) frame bolts, hardened washers, and all metal lock nuts supplied  

Designed with factory rivet bolt pattern, but requires drilling out factory rivets thru to ½” (See DBK-001) only $20
Requires trimming exhaust tailpipe!  

You are welcome to ask questions before ordering, please do so by email to archivegarage.com@gmail.com